Monday, May 25, 2009

Locavore Cocktails

No, that is not a photo of Felicia's new baby in the picture above. It is a magical, poisonous mandrake root that hides under our kitchen refrigerator and occasionally drinks a bowl of milk, all the while conniving to bring fertility to Felicia staff. Curse you, mandrake root!

Just kidding, it's a parsnip. A huge parsnip. As a matter of fact, I don't ever want to eat another parsnip for as long as I live. I ate way too many from our farm cooperative last year, and frankly, they taste funny. Curse you, parsnip!

The good news is that the mint is in full bloom though the four-lined plant bug lurks and threatens. Our Mojitos are selling like, well, Mojitos. All of the staff have Popeye biceps from muddling and we can't seem to keep enough limes it the house, thanks to Caipirinhas as well.The lemon balm is also out of control, so please order a Lemon Coco Martini so I can cut this overgrown herb kingdoms back. Why, just six weeks ago our little mint family was barely poking its green heads above the ground.Just planted: baby basil for your pizzas and cucumber plants destined to become your cucumber gin and tonic.Next blog post: A revised recipe for the Rhubarb Martini!

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Cocktails at 80 said...

How Lemon is Lemon Balm? Does it impart a noticable lemon flavor when shaken in? or do you infuse?

Am so curious about the rhubarb cocktails ... it can't be more tart than sloe gin ...

Who is Felicia? said...

Lemon Balm is pretty darn lemony. It is also known as "lemon mint" though it is not very minty. We muddle it in each drink individually, and you can definitely taste it.

Regarding rhubarb, it is one of my favorites! We cook the rhubarb down with sugar to make the rhubarb mush that we add to the drink, so it is not too tart.