Friday, May 8, 2009

The Chicken BBQ Phenomenon - Week 2

This post is one in a weekly series on The Chicken BBQ Phenomenon: the abrupt sprouting up of chicken BBQ fundraisers in small town parking lots every Saturday from April through September.

Last week's chicken BBQ in Trumansburg was at Ron Don's restaurant to raise money for Reynold's Racing. Lots of guys were standing around looking at cars when I drove past. When I returned with my camera, the food was already gone, but I still got to stand around and stare at totally awesome testosterone-laced cars with a bunch of old men.
They laughed when I told them I was writing about The Chicken BBQ Phenomenon. One said that he once traveled on a dirt road to a remote village in Hawaii where he found, surprise-surprise, a chicken BBQ fundraiser.

"See you next Saturday," the old guys said as I left. They knew what I knew: another chicken BBQ would magically appear in town.

Since I am going out of town this weekend, it looks like I will be missing the BBQ's in these here parts. I will take photos of the Phenomenon on the road this weekend.All chicken BBQ photos were taken by Amelia on her glorious iPhone.

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Rob D. said...

Chicken BBQ doesn't get nearly enough love in the culinary world as it should. My wife introduced me to it and I'm hooked. Any more posts?

Who is Felicia? said...

Hi Rob!

Here's links to the other posts. If they don't work from the comments, just enter "chicken BBQ" into the search box at the top left corner of this blog and they'll all pop up: