Friday, May 22, 2009

The Chicken BBQ Phenomenon - Week 4

Like Ithaca, Burdett is only 15 minutes from Trumansburg, but being in Schuyler County, it is worlds away. Going to Burdett is sort like falling backwards in time into 1950's small town America where there isn't even the need for a traffic light, unless you count the flashing one. I spent about five minutes taking pictures of the Chicken BBQ at the Burdett Fire Station last Saturday, wandering amongst the firemen, taking photos of them drinking their 10am beers. Oddly, not one of them acknowledged my presence. I was strangely invisible to them, a visitor from a future, more progressive world.
The women at the Grist Mill Cafe could relate to my alien experience. Directly across the street from the Burdett Fire Station, the Grist Mill is one of Ithaca's best kept secrets, probably because it is not in Ithaca. The Grist Mill is a wonderful little cafe with their own fresh-baked bread and the best hazelnut coffee in the world. They serve breakfast and lunch Tuesday-Saturday with a bunch of vegetarian options; I recommend the apple reuben and a side of their cous-cous salad. The croc-wearing Grist Mill gals told me that in the few years they have been open, only one fireman has dared to venture across the street and into their amazing cafe. And you thought firemen were brave.
The Grist Mill Cafe sure beats redneck chicken BBQ. The Grist Mill is so good that I want to share it with you, and so good that I don't want to share it with you so I can keep it all to myself.'ll be our little secret.
One final note: the fresh local rhubarb for Felicia's Rhubarb Martini came from Deb, the owner of the Grist Mill. Thanks, Deb!

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