Friday, May 15, 2009

The Chicken BBQ Phenomenon - Week 3

As I drove out of Trumansburg last Saturday morning, I left the smell of at least three chicken BBQs behind me. Eager to explore the Chicken BBQ Phenomenon on the road, I did not pause to take pictures.

On the outskirts of Ithaca, I passed one Chicken BBQ, in Richford. Then, oddly, there was nothing. The small towns we drove through on Routes 79 and 206 were strangely devoid of greasy-fingered townies with greasy smiling faces. Apparently the BBQ Phenomenon had not reached these here country parts.

And then we arrived in Bainbridge, where a big truck was grilling a BBQ outside of a church. I did not venture inside where the grub was being served up on aluminum-wrapped paper plates. I asked the acne-clad boy at the grill, where did the Chicken BBQ Phenomenon come from? "It's an upstate thing," he said. When asked who the fundraiser was for, he said, "Some church thing." A young man of few words, yet so poignant.

The cute young girls who look to be about 14 years old in the picture below? Um, those are the moms. Apparently country girls look more youthful than the rest of us. Must be the water in Bainbridge.

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