Wednesday, May 6, 2009

PBR Ashtrays

Since you all can't seem to stop stealing the ashtrays from the outdoor benches, galldarnit,we discovered a solution for these financially frugal times. For just five cents, we can make our ashtrays out of empty PBR cans, endlessly supplied by our $1 PBR Recession Wednesdays.

My design is the PBR pinwheel, taking a mere one minute and eight seconds to make, and requiring no skill or power tools, thank goodness, because I would probably cut off one of my fingers. A pair of dull scissors does the trick. (For the ashtray, not to cut off a finger.)

Leah, not to be outdone by my brief and rare display of craftiness, took much longer to design her PBR ashtray which resulted in a more classic retro look. After her initial creative time investment, she, too, was able to complete each ashtray in under two minutes.

Now if you steal an ashtray, at least it will be a fashionably cool one.

You owe me five cents.

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1 comment:

Simply Beer said...

I like this! best use of PBR I've seen :-)