Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Making of a Mojito: Part I

Can I order a mojito? No. Can I order a mojito? No. Can I order a mojito? I want a mojito. No. When the weather warms up like it did last week, mojito cravings begin. Like birds collecting twigs for a nest or frisky squirrels trying their darndest to get laid, with the onset of Spring, the human mojito instinct kicks in. We do not have any control over it. The association of a mojito with warm weather is a normal, natural human urge. Why, then, is Felicia denying you the opportunity to feed your need?

The answer: we grow our own mint. This year, we are going to follow the life of a mint plant from baby sprout to a mature, well-developed tantalizing mojito. As you can see from the photos, the mint is currently just barely above the soil. And guess what April baby mint tastes like? No, it does not taste like mint. Why would I ask that question if the answer was so obvious? Duh. April mint tastes like...lettuce. Seriously. No flavor. It would make for a disappointing and extremely small mojito.

As I cut back the dead mint from last season, look what else I found! I guess humans are not the only ones who appreciate mint. The mint plants were a cozy blanket for whatever little creature cuddled up in here during the winter.
Unfortunately, the four-lined plant bug also likes mint. This year, we are going to kick his bug-ass so hard that we will knock him into Schuyler County.

So keep your pants on! You will get your mojito, but not quite yet. Besides, it's freakin' snowing this week. Something else to look forward to: this is a photo of the baby lemon balm, destined for your Lemon-Coco Martini:

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