Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love Potion

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Are you a sappy romantic who plans to wine-and-dine your sweetie at an expensive restaurant, buy a dozen red roses and support the multi-million dollar Hallmark Corporation? Or do you buckle under the pressure of it all and at the last minute end up with the $3.99 florist special from the convenience store and a heart-shaped sampler box of gritty Whitman’s chocolate that will end up half-eaten, with just a teeny bite taken out of each piece to find the caramel but avoid the fake crisco-like maple or strawberry cream fillings? Perhaps you absolutely despise Valentine’s Day, because the only card you ever get is from your mother and it is the same one she sent you last year. If one more friend asks you about your V-Day plans, are you convinced you will explode all over them?

Fret no longer and drink this magical elixir. There is nothing like a little love potion to keep your heart company and get you through Valentine’s Day.

Love Potion

¾ ounce Amaretto Disaronno
¾ ounce light rum
5 strawberries
¾ ounce cream or milk

Fill hurricane glass or other fancy-shaped glass with ice. Add all ingredients except one strawberry. Pour entire contents into blender and blend until smooth. Return Love Potion to glass and garnish with remaining strawberry. Be Felicia’s Valentine and drink the Love.

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