Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Be Felicia's Valentine

Felicia is all about the LOVE and the CHOCOLATE and the BOOZE on Valentine’s Day. Whether you are smoochy-lovey-dovey with your sweetie or cranky-grumpy-whiny and sworn off dating, Felicia’s is the place to be on February 14. Rumor has it that all the hot couples AND all the hot singles will be at Felicia’s that night. Come before dinner, for dinner or after dinner. Here’s a small sample of the chocolaty treats Felicia is making for Thursday (no paralyzing snowstorm like last year): German Chocolate Martinis, Raspberry Truffle Martinis, Espresso Chocolate Martinis, hot fudge brownie sundaes, chocolate brandy alexander pie, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and more. Pamper yourself, spoil your sweetie, and be Felicia’s Valentine.

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