Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gin Facials, Fungal Toes and Mullet Cafes

Vote today! Remember Felicia’s motto: you can’t complain if you don’t vote (a.k.a vote or shut your pie hole).

Another hard day at work: Felicia just wasted an entire afternoon playing on the internet making anagrams. She discovered that some of the creative anagrams for “Felicia’s Atomic Lounge” include:

Gin Facial Outcomes Lie
Single Loco Mafia Cutie
I Ice Mi Cola Fungal Toes
Cocaine Ills Tofu Image
I Go In Mullet Cafes. Ciao!

You, too, can throw away your day searching for anagrams for your name at www.wordsmith.org/anagram. Those of you at work right now, keep an eye over your shoulder for the bossy boss in case you have to quickly change your computer screen. And don’t blame Felicia if your day is unproductive! At least you are having some fun.

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