Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Felicia's Holiday Shopping Tips

Here are Felicia’s Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips! Before you start your shopping list, make yourself a martini to keep your stress to a minimum. First, nothing says I love you quite like a bottle of booze. Stick a big bow on that baby and your friend will remember you as the one who gave her the best gift this Christmas. A Felicia gift certificate is better for lazy people who want someone else to make their drinks for them. No cookies or fruit cake, please. Felicia doesn’t want you to be responsible for ruining someone’s girlish figure. Options for buying locally in Ithaca? There are a number of splendid State Street shops on Felicia’s block who offer gift certificates including Taste of Thai Express, Tuff Soul Clothing, Indigo Massage and Gimme Coffee. What a hot block! Remember, as you make your way around town, stop in for a shot (or two) of tequila to take the edge off of your shopping angst. Seriously. Tequila fixes everything. Felicia’s favorite websites for holiday gifts this year include: for the thank-god-you-have-a-handy person in your life; and type “martini” in the search box for fun items or for heartfelt gifts whose profits go toward childhood cancer research. For the hip people in your life, stick with a Felicia hoody, tshirt, hat or set of pint glasses and they will love you forever and think you are totally cool. Happy shopping!

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