Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Behold the Intern

Behold the almighty JackiO! As you might guess, Felicia spends more time drinking her dirty martinis and creating scrumptious cocktails for you than she does on the computer. Enter JackiO, fearless intern, to navigate the worlds of myspace, facebook, the blogosphere, designing and re-designing everything in her path like a creative bulldozer with a laptop and a desire to pump up its resume. Thank you, o god of cocktails, for the gift of the intern. Arranging for such a dedicated and talented intern was not without its challenges. JackiO submitted her internship proposal to the college in May, started working for Felicia in August, and three weeks plus thirty hours of work later, she was notified by the dean that the internship would not be approved. And no, it wasn't because Felicia's was a bar. It's just that, well, maybe the work wasn't meaningful. So JackiO diligently got to work on a beefed up proposal that demonstrated just how awesome an internship with Felicia would be, feeding her hungry young mind with vast knowledge and providing her with mature life experience in the field. Ok, said the dean after JackiO stayed up til 3 am for days and poured her soul into the internship proposal. OK, said the dean, it IS because Felicia's is a bar. No credits for you, JackiO. Maybe you should find somewhere nice and, well, boring to work. But being the ninja that she is, JackiO has stayed on with Felicia as her right hand gal and has done some kick-ass design and marketing, way better than Felicia could ever do herself. So here's a toast to you, JackiO. The dean was right. Felicia's is a bar. And that's the best part about this internship! You can views JackiO's work at www.freewebs.com/jacquelinedimaria.

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Sprout said...

A real human interest story.. but oh how my cover is blown! Thanks for the praise =)

-Felicia's First Lady