Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bar Faux Pas

As bartenders, we do not always get to see the best side of people. We try not to react badly, but we have our moments. A few weeks ago during a crazy Friday happy hour, boss Leah and preggers Danielle both started hollering at men who waved their money, "What, do I look like a stripper?!" Most of the time we say nothing to you, but you can be sure that we bitch about you to each other in the kitchen.

One of my favorite San Francisco bartenders, Cielo Gold, recently wrote a blog on customer etiquette. If you don't want to have a cartoon caricature of you and your antics taped onto our ice machine so we can laugh at you behind your back, read and learn:

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Cielo Gold said...

I just saw this. Wow! Thanks! I love the picture. I want to know if I can have your permission to use it with one of my articles on my SF Bartender Examiner page. I would of course give you picture credit. Thanks again.

Here is the link to my SF Bartender page.