Thursday, January 31, 2008

Women Rule

Felicia attended a luncheon today for Women Ties, a regional women entrepreneur networking group. Wow, is Felicia's response to the event, great big wow. What a bunch of powerhouses. Felicia absolutely loves being in a room packed with really smart women. We're talking all kinds of really smart women. A woman who started her own skin care line, a life coach, a spa owner, a therapist, a restaurant owner, a woodworker, a matchmaker, a clothing designer, a pastry chef, a graphic designer, a boutique owner, a massage therapist, a financial advisor, a realtor, a web designer and on and on. It would have been a great place to have an emotional crisis, a muscle spasm, a sugar craving and dry skin, all at the same time. The speaker today confirmed Felicia's suspicion that smart, entrepreneurial-minded women are pretty much all overachievers. What do you think of having a monthly Overachievers Cocktail Hour at Felicia's? It could be a time for women to come together to share visions, bounce ideas off each other and try to relax a little while sipping a well-deserved cocktail. But we won't relax too much, because a woman's work is never done.

Buy from women! For a list of local women-owned businesses, go to


Tracy said...

Ameila - Thanks for the great write-up on today's luncheon full of very cool, inspirational, hard working women! You are certainly one of them! I think an Overachiever's Happy Hour is perfect for women entrepreneurs! Cheers for the idea and for getting women together before Women TIES comes back down in the Spring for another luncheon. Women TIES believes in the power of women. Thanks for promoting us in your blog! Tracy

Sprout said...

Nice. =) Powerhouse Happy Hour it is!

Kate said...

Maybe you could send out an email to the TIES members to let them know about the event!!