Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Games Felicia Plays

The Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies and Services at San Diego State University recently published the results of some research on parties: They found that drinking games cause people to drink more. Wow. Brilliant. Who knew? Felicia does not play games (except for the occasional rousing game of TV tag); Felicia takes drinking very seriously. Not that you won’t ever find a gaggle of girls at a table in Felicia’s alley mid-summer getting deliciously toasted while playing some drinking game involving spoons. It’s just that most of Felicia’s drinks are designed to be sipped slowly. Take, for example, the Dirty Girl martini. Chugging one of those is way too reminiscent of getting tumbled about in the surf and swallowing a big choking gulp of salty seawater as you almost lose your bathing suit. Sip, my friends. Savor the flavor. And speaking of martinis to savor, here’s the latest: the Fig Manhattan. A bold infusion of figs in Woodford Reserve bourbon, shaken lightly with a touch of tawny port. Slightly sweet and simply scrumptious. The Beet It Martini has been getting all of the attention lately as evidenced by all the patrons in the bar whose top lips are stained fuchsia. Can the Fig Manhattan compete? You’ll have to taste it and see for yourself.

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