Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Chicken BBQ Phenomenon - Week 7

Hey! What happened to Weeks 5 and 6? Apparently small town Chicken BBQ's have a season. Kind of like rhubarb. They pop up in early May - specifically the weekend before Mother's Day - and then slowly peter out by the end of May when everyone has pigged out one too many weekends in a row and started to question why they are eating dry, tasteless, chewy hunks of flesh.

The above photo was a rare sighting of an Ithaca (i.e. larger town) Chicken BBQ a few weeks ago. I took this picture from the car window on my way out of town to the Big Apple, where I most certainly did not find any Big Chicken BBQ fundraisers.

Chicken BBQ's have not completely disappeared, but I am no longer seeing two or three in Trumansburg every weekend. This could change with Father's Day coming up this weekend.

I will be sure to post a Chicken BBQ update after the holiday weekend so stay tuned.

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