Monday, March 16, 2009

Singha Lonely Planet Great Bars of the World

Vote for Felicia's Atomic Lounge or write a review! Just search for "Ithaca, NY" and there we'll be.

Lonely Planet wrote a great review of us:

"With a casually hip style that welcomes everything from dreadlocks to business suits, Felicia’s is a mirror of Ithaca’s comfortably diverse personalities. All the bartenders are “mixologists”, showing a passion for new flavors that has led to a tradition of constantly creating new concoctions (like the beet martini). The most successful recipes are added to a pleasingly diverse menu of rotating specialty drinks that compliment more traditional favorites. Technology trendy, Felicia communicates with patrons through satirical blogs and sassy emails to promote new drinks, a never-ending stream of live music, and events such as Recession Wednesdays."

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