Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drink in the Dark for Earth Hour 2009

This Saturday, March 28, people and businesses around the world will be turning off their lights from 8:30pm-9:30pm for Earth Hour, to show support of the Earth over global warming. Felicia's Atomic Lounge will be participating in this worldwide event. Drink in the Dark with like-minded Ithacans, and show your commitment to the Earth.

Who needs electricity to make and drink cocktails? Drinking cocktails by candlelight is sexy. Loving our Earth is sexy. Maybe we should be doing this more than once a year. Flashlights will be available for the bathrooms. Get your flatbread orders in before 8:30pm so we can turn off the oven, too.

Register your vote by signing up to participate in Earth Hour online at See you (in the dark) at the Lounge on Saturday!
Sign up for Earth Hour
Update: Are you a food or drink blogger? Participate in the cook-in-the-dark challenge this Saturday at the blog Morsels and Musings.

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