Thursday, October 9, 2008

Best Of Ithaca

Gosh-golly, thanks to all of you who voted for Felicia in this year’s Best of Ithaca put out by the Ithaca Times. Felicia’s won – surprise – Best Cocktail Selection. What with Leah the Mad Scientist constantly making strange elixirs in the kitchen, this accolade is not fully unexpected. Ask Leah about her recent experiments with pumpkin and cayenne, or about the exploding cantaloupe incident. If you are lucky, you have been around to witness (and taste test) the development of all kinds of wacky and amazing drinks. Felicia also won Best Underrated Hangout. Not sure exactly what that one means, but ya’ll are always welcome to hang out here to your tipsy hearts’content. Previous years' awards include Best Friendliest Business Owners and Best Bartenders. A special thanks to Felicia’s most excellent bartenders who channel the ever-flowing spirit of Felicia. Without them, you would be, well, really thirsty.

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