Thursday, July 1, 2010

Black Raspberry Cocktail for the Fourth of July

Wild black raspberries ("black caps") are ripening just in time for the Fourth of July. The creekbed by our house is filled with the juicy things, plenty enough to share with the birds and the feral children who raid the bushes, the same children who were "playing" in the creek when it was at flood level. Apparently, they have no parents.

Our fingers are stained red with berries, and our mouths are happy.
Special thanks to Tree Gate Farm so we can spend more time mixing cocktails than picking berries.

Leave out the vodka to make this a virgin cocktail for wussies and kids.

Black Cap Sparkler

1 1/2 ounce vodka
1/8 cup black raspberries
1 mint leaf
1/2 lime wheel
2 teaspoons sugar
club soda
mint sprig

In a pint glass, muddle vodka, berries, mint, lime and sugar. Add ice. Top with club soda. Toss into a shaker and back once or twice to mix.

Happy Independence Day!

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Ms Plug It said...

Yummy!!! I miss the south! We only have raspberries here.. but I'm going to break out my frozen blackberries for this! Thanks!