Sunday, November 29, 2009

Foodie Detour: Burgers

I don't eat hamburgers all that often due to my fondness of happy cows combined with my somewhat reasonable fear of E coli, but a couple of months ago, I chowed on burgers twice in one week, both at new Ithaca restaurants. For a comparison, let the pictures do the talking:

Five Guys Burgers and Fries has french fries on their side, and lots of them. I'm sure the Five Guys are Nice Guys, and the extra toppings are free, but mine tasted an awful lot like a McDonald's hamburger. Total cost for a burger and fries: about $7

Northstar House cooked my fresh, local burger to order, pink and juicy in the middle. It was big and tasty, and I'm a sucker for local meat, because worse than eating a happy cow is eating an unhappy cow. The handcut fries were a generous serving. For those who prefer their cows alive, the black bean burger also rocked. Total cost for a burger and fries: $10. Add in a a microbrew for an additional $5.

You can guess where I'll probably go back to. And where I probably won't. Moooooooo.

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Anonymous said...

I've also tried 5guys and.... .... Though I haven't tried any of Northstar's stuff yet (which I hope to!), I still stand by the "Pines Burger" (with TONS of mayo) from Glenwood Pines as the best burger in town. They grind their own chuck, so you're eating the flesh of one cow, as opposed to 100+ (like in most burger joints). Their prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere, "down home."