Thursday, December 11, 2008

Organic Hot Dogs

REWARD: $50 Felicia gift certificate to the person who obtains a photo – yes, a photo - of the dog that is pooping daily in Felicia’s alley. It’s a little early for Christmas, but Felicia keeps finding these warm little gifts. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of your shoe sinking into a soft, fresh turd. Here’s the hitch: to get the reward, the photo needs to capture the dog in the act of lightening his load. No photo? Verbal information on the culprit will be received with a hug.

Speaking of dogs, would you pay more for an organic hot dog? Cast YOUR vote to the left:
a. Yes, definitely.
b. No, a plain old dog suits me just fine.
c. No, I’m vegan.
d. Maybe, I’d want to taste one first.
e. Hot dogs are stupid and I won’t eat any of them, even with Felicia’s delicious homemade toppings.
(f. No, thanks to your previous paragraph, the word “dog” is making me a little nauseous)


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! Had to read this after the reference the other night. -Amanda

Mary Beth said...

Don't change a thing. We like Felicia's tasty dogs just the way they are!

Alpha Cook said...

that picture makes me nervous

Leslie said...

Awesome picture! I would totally pay $4 for that dog!