Saturday, August 9, 2008

Foodie Detour: Mexican Crab Cakes

Yes, this is a cocktail blog, but a girl's gotta eat, too. Last week was a crabby week - the crustacean, that is. Felicia came into an obscene amount of crab (its own story, really) and since a Crab Martini was pretty much out of the question, she had to figure out how to cook it. Her chosen challenge: a dish with both crab and jalapeno, since the cute little jalapeno plant in the garden was eager to give up a pepper. Though the crab is from far, far away, Felicia decided to make this a locavore challenge, starting with that adorable lone jalapeno pepper. The result? fabulous Mexican crab cakes with peach-tomato salsa. The crab cakes included half of the jalapeno pepper (chopped and sauteed) along with some parsley from the garden (the cilantro had all gone to seed), local eggs, breadcrumbs from a neighborhood bakery and Felicia's homemade Worcestershire sauce. The salsa was made with the other half of the jalapeno pepper, Felicia's first (and so far her only) two ripe tomatoes of the summer, her home-grown basil, local peaches, local corn and local garlic. Delicious! 1/2 pound of crab gone, 5 1/2 to go. P.S. Breakfast the next day was sourdough toast with garlic scape-artichoke spread, sauteed crab and poached eggs. Too hungry to stop to take a photo. P.P.S. By local, Felicia means the fruit/veggie/sacrificial animal was picked/harvested/robbed of its life less than 15 miles from Felicia's home.

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