Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Relaxation Cocktail

What is Felicia drinking these days? It depends on the mood, Sweet Cheeks, it depends on the mood. Baking pie? Gran Marnier or a nice port wine. Rough day? Bourbon, neat. No food since breakfast? A dirty martini, because it tastes like a meal. Chilly? Loco Hot Cocoa or hot mulled cider. On a date? A full-bodied, spicy red wine. And here’s Felicia’s favorite nip when there’s nothing else in the house to drink:

Relaxation Cocktail

1 ounce NyQuil
5 milligrams Vicodin
hot tub

Wash Vicodin down with Nyquil. Soak in hot tub for 30 minutes. Fall into bed and have sweet dreams til morning.

1 comment:

Brooksy said...

Sweet dreams 'til morning? We could be talkin' the big sleep here, baby...but i bet a hot tub is pretty cool on vicodin and nyquil....