Sunday, February 15, 2009

Foodie Detour: Chocolate

This is what you missed yesterday for Valentine's Day at the Lounge: Leah dipped strawberries in chocolate, and you could say I made homemade Twinkies, if it was legal to use "homemade" and "Twinkies" in the same sentence, which it isn't due to a thing called a trademark. So we'll say instead that I made homemade Twinks which consisted of canoe-shaped chocolate cakes filled with brandy alexander pudding, topped with semi-sweet chocolate frosting and garnished with strawberries. Who says food isn't art? I did not take pictures of the brandy alexander pot de cremes sprinkled with loco hot cocoa. By the time I made that dessert, I had already licked like 17 spatulas covered with cake batter, pudding, melted chocolate, pudding, fresh whipped cream and pudding. Being bloated took precedence over taking photos.

I have not been into the Lounge yet today, but there might be V-Day leftovers. At the least, there will be sweet music by Mary Lorson tonight at 7pm.

Photos taken by Leah on the ever-sexy handy-dandy iPhone.

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