Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Survive Cornell Graduation Weekend

Cocktails, brunch, cupcakes, and more cocktails
Cornell Graduation weekend is often a good reason to leave Ithaca for a few days. But assuming you’re still here, we’ve got a couple of suggestions for surviving the influx of humans and slow-moving cars:

1.  Have a drink. Obviously. Better yet, have two.
2. Don’t bother to get in your car, and for goodness sake stay far away from Wegmans and anything that resembles a hill or a bell tower. Also avoid all restaurants that offer Filet Mignon, a Finger Lakes Cheese Board, or Pommes Frites.
3.  Come to Felicia’s to eat as well as drink. You see, most graduating seniors are smart enough to NOT bring their parents here and say, “Hey Mom and Dad, you know how you just spent $95,000 on my education? This is where I spent my last year, my favorite place in the world, my home away from home, the place I DRINK ALL THE TIME. (On the other hand, the smartest ones might actually bring their parents to Felicia’s for a Fig Manhattan or Lavender Lemonade to show off their refined, grownup taste in cocktails, a strategy we highly recommend to impress imbibing parents.)
We do not expect to be crowded this weekend (except during Friday happy hour when we are hosting Miami’s finest surf band, The Gold Dust Lounge!!). Grab a flatbread pizza, or on Friday, a Drunken Hot Dog. And on Sunday, when all those Cornellians are up on the hill snoozing their way through commencement, you can enjoy Brunch at Felicia’s either inside or in the alley. We offer table service, excellent coffee, breakfast cocktails, and the most creative Brunch food menu in Ithaca.  
Here’s the link to our Brunch menu:  
Note: Our Sunday hours are now 11am-midnight, so you can enjoy your cocktails early and all day, but alcohol cannot be served until 12 noon.
Also currently at the Lounge: Mojitos made with mint from our garden - ditto the Lemon (Balm) Coco(nut) Martinis - and for another week or so, the much coveted Rhubarb Martini.
 We bake cupcakes daily! Our rotating cupcake menu can be found here: