Thursday, July 5, 2012

We Bring the Bar to You: Catering Liquor

A Felicia bar at a summer wedding
We've been heading offsite quite a bit lately to do bars for weddings, barbecues, bar mitzvahs, and birthday parties. Catering is a moronic undertaking:  14 hour days consisting of packing up an entire bar at the Lounge, arriving to a location and building an entire bar, serving drinks to people for a few hours, breaking down an entire bar, and then unpacking an entire bar back onto the shelves at the Lounge. And yet we are compelled to do it, because we do it well. My heart breaks every time I attend a wedding as a guest and order a Manhattan, only to have the sixteen-year-old bartender ask, "What's a Manhattan?"

There's a lot of other good reasons to hire someone to cater the alcohol for your event, the most important one being the fact that at a wedding reception, the guests average 5 drinks each. That's the average. Grandma might not touch the stuff ('It's the devil's work'), but your college best friend Buffy sure as hell makes up for it by drinking eleven beers and four shots of whiskey. And who's going to make sure Buffy gets into a cab and not behind the wheel of a car? You think it will be you, but after your sixth glass of champagne and Buffy accidentally ripping the train off your wedding gown while doing the Electric Slide, listening to Uncle Bert's war stories is going to be much more appealing then holding Buffy's hair back while she throws up in the Deluxe Port-A-Potty. Hiring a responsible and well-trained bartender is money well spent.

Plenty going on at the Lounge lately, too. We just finished celebrating strawberry season with a slew of Strawberry Basil Cocktails. Next week will bring back the Black Cap Yap, Watermelon Envy, and a cucumber-lavender infusion of sorts. We are keeping our farmers busy at Tree Gate Farm.

Also coming up: Our next Classic Cocktail night (July 10, 8pm-1am) will include raspberry syrup, a rum punch, and something with ice cream because it has been too damn hot out. For details, follow us on Facebook at .