Thursday, July 24, 2008

Road Trip! Grassroots Festival

As mentioned in a previous blog, our thermoses at this year's Grassroots Festival were filled with Trumansburg Lemonade. Below is a summary of the rest of our Grassroots experience as relayed by texts we sent each other. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Tuesday July 15
11:30am (Pinky): Want a grassroots ticket?
12:15pm (Goose): Yes yes YES!
12:20pm (Pinky): Consider it yours.
12:23pm (Goose): And just when i thought i couldn’t love u more!
Wednesday July 16
3:00pm (Pinky): G roots tickets arrived in mail!
3:13pm (Maverick): F@ck yeah, baby!
3:50pm (Iceman): Yay! I think Charlie was hoping we could leave the tick at the front gate for him.?
3:52pm (Pinky): I’m cool if front gate is cool
4:03pm (Iceman): Sweet!
5:00pm: (Pinky): Have paycheck for you so you can buy g roots ticket
5:12pm (Betty): We cant find it
5:15pm (Pinky): That was literal. Have it here. Home. Tburg. With me.
6:32 pm (Betty): Alright bring it to grassroots tomorrow
Thursday July 17
12:50pm (Maverick): Bubba?
12:55pm (Pinky): What time you arriving there? Leather is scared to be alone with hippies.
1:00pm (Betty): We’re going to park at yr house
1:04pm (Maverick): Very shortly I’m in tburg. & she does realize that u & I r hippies, right?
1:10pm (Pinky): I fool her by shaving under my arms. Meet you there? Or park at our house?
1:18pm (Maverick): Come now I’m headed in meet me @ bubba George
6:46pm (Betty): Where u at?
6:48pm (Pinky): Grandstand
7:01pm (Betty): I see you
7:20pm (Leather): I see you
11:10pm (Leather): Do not drive drunk! You can stay at our house.
Friday July 18
8:42pm (Maverick): WTF?
8:43pm (Leather): We’re coming in about an hour
8:54pm (Maverick): OK, got Sly Fox and Bud cans. Just got here.
9:53pm (Iceman): Let me know if u all r here so can look for u while I crap in my pants!
10:22pm (Maverick): W-T-F???
10:25pm (Pinky): Iceman has show at g stand in an hour. Going to calm her down b for find you.
10:34pm (Leather): Where are you?
10:34 pm (Iceman): At family tent
10:36pm (Leather): See that moon?
10:53pm (Pinky): We are in tent city behind g stand if you want some nice music and some booze. Friends playing old time in white tent.
11:06pm (Pinky): We at in field looking for you
11:09 pm (Maverick): I’m near sail in tent cty 1st row nr grndstnd
11:11pm (Pinky): Stop and waln toward in field
1:40am (Pinky): Where are at?
1:53am (Maverick): Dance tent
2:03am (Pinky): We are about to leave. Come to gate or show up at house for sleepy.
3:05am (Maverick): Thx, im safe & sound
3:05am (Pinky): Sleep tight!
Saturday July 19
1:14pm (Wilma): You gals here?
4:30pm (Pinky): Slept all afternoon. Back tonight around 930
8:16pm: (Pinky) Are you hungry?
8:17pm (Leather): I’m good with vendor food.
9:22pm (Pinky): Going to dance tent
9:25pm (Maverick): When?
9:28pm (Pinky): Ten min. Getting on bikes.
9:44pm (Pinky): Left hand side of dance tent near back
9:45pm (Pinky): No, front left
10:51pm (Pinky): Have you seen Leather?
11:24pm (Iceman): everything ok?
11:26pm (Pinky): We lost each other but I just found her. You still at family tent?
11:28pm (Iceman): Yes madam! Resting in chair before djembe
12:23am (Maverick): WTF?
12:24am (Pinky): Took the bitch home
12:26am (Maverick): More beer 4 me! C u tomorrow @ 930
12:30am (Pinky): You got it
Sunday July 20
9:30am (Pinky): Girl is sleeping. I don’t dare wake her up. Will text when up.
10:50am (Pinky): Leather still not awake.
10:50am (Maverick): Wake the bitch up. I’m volunteering compost 11-12 BIG BRKFAST waits!
10:52am (Pinky): I will keep you posted. After antics last night, enjoying peace.
12:09pm (Pinky): We are at american legion tent. Just got last big breakfast of 2008!
12:24pm (Iceman): R u all here my phone is almost done
12:24pm (Pinky): Yes! American legion breakfast!
1:26pm (Pinky): You still at rockridge bros?
1:44pm (Maverick): Yes
1:45pm (Pinky): I was there for a few and then they did their richie stearns imitation which was weird so I left
1:50pm (Pinky): Hello? You get lost?
1:54pm (Pinky): Where are you?

Though the texts stop here, our story ends with one last toast as our heroines find each other, weave home on their bicycles and fall into bed, dreaming of hippies, beer, great music and an obscene amount of Tburg Lemonade.

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