Tuesday, September 1, 2009

AlleyArt: Sustainable Mobiles

Felicia's Atomic Lounge's September AlleyArt show is Sustainable Mobiles by Laura Robert. The opening reception (featuring Felicia bean burgers for one night only!) is Tuesday, September 1 from 5:30pm-7pm. The show will be up through the end of September.

Laura Robert was born in 1953, the oldest of nine children in an Air Force family. Her father retired when she was fifteen and the family moved to New Orleans. Laura has lived in or near Ithaca for almost 30 years.

Laura describes her inspiration, "I love the deep green of the trees, and the water which is heard before it is seen. My art is largely articulated by the materials at hand, and the environment in which it is created. I like to make the objects crowded so that they make music on their own."

Laura started making mobiles when a friend visited her on the Cape in the early 90's, creating the first one with dental floss. The Felicia show was created in the first three weeks of August 2009 while Laura was vacationing on Cape Cod.

"The campground 'pick-up' lady saves interesting stuff for me," says Laura. "Everything else is found on the beach, or just plain looking down."

Laura's mobiles are available for purchase and each will be awarded to the highest bidder. Sale proceeds will go to the Advocacy Center. The mobiles are numbered on the back; look for the bidding container in Felicia's Alley.

Felicia is currently accepting submissions for fall and spring AlleyArt. Guidelines can be read here.

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andre robert said...

Very cool idea. Recycle, recycle, etc. Who is this Laura Robert person, who, who?

Creed R Ostler said...

I have always enjoyed Laura's work...it would be fun if all "the collectibles" on the mobile could speak and tell us their story...or maybe I should just listen while they make their music and see what I learn.

Anonymous said...

Laura's talking artforms. . . I remember on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain in N.O., a place called Mr. Walter's Park. He made a whole sit down rest awhile area of beach collectibles, bottles, styrofoam, boots, floaties, cork, nets, driftwood, etc. Set against plants and hanging things. But these little Laura mobile marvels have their own communal character. And diction.clumpk clink bump tingle tap tah ( I imagine!)