Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Chicken BBQ Phenomenon - Week 9

Nothing happened on Father's Day weekend. No chicken BBQs. Dads apparently don't need BBQ because they are BBQ embodied.

When I started this Chicken BBQ Phenomenon blog topic, I imagined that I would find a dozen BBQs every weekend because that's what my exaggerated mind remembered from the previous summer: small town chicken BBQs everywhere.

Maybe it's the recession. Maybe it's my memory. Maybe it's the rain. (Fashion note: Rain is the new sun in the Northeast.) At any rate, if I see one chicken BBQ on any given weekend this summer, it's a good weekend.

Despite the chicken BBQ shortage, the Trumansburg Rotary was out barbecuing chicken yesterday for July 4th, but business was slow. It's a grill-at-home-with-the-family holiday. Even I was at home grilling chicken - happy, free-range chicken.

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Rob D. said...

If you revisit your Chicken BBQ journey next year, head out to Western NY (Rochester, Buffalo). This is where I learned of the Chicken BBQ and they seem to be pretty prevelant throughout the summer. It's unfortunate that the ones you've tasted were flavorless and dry. I'm a professional chef and I can say that the ones I've tasted in the Rochester outskirts have been nothing short of great. I'm working on bringing the Chicken BBQ phenomenon to the Metro NYC area, maybe upscale it a little bit. Stay tuned.