Thursday, June 4, 2009

Felicia's Alley

"What are you building?" a four-year-old asked as she walked by Felicia's alley with her mom.

"Doors," answered Leah.

"To keep the enemies out?" said the girl.

She's not too far off the mark. The glorious regal alley doors, henceforth known as The Fortress, were designed by Leah to keep the alley safe at night, from, well, enemies. This includes staying safe from the seemingly benign morning-coffee-drinking-cigarette-butt-thrower, which is not so benign when you multiply three cigarettes by 31 people, as well as from the scary wee-hours-of-the-night-I-poop-in-a-bag-and-throw-it-on-your-roof guy (I'm not making this up).

The Fortress Doors will also protect the upcoming Alley Art installations. Now accepting proposals! Here are the guidelines:

1. Artwork must be created with a minimum 50% recycled/reused materials. Priority will be given to art made with a higher percentage of recycled materials.
2. Artwork must be designed to withstand - or transform with - the elements, including but not limited to: rain, wind, sun, and drunk people.
3. Artwork can be designed to hang on the wall (Felicia-side only) or stand on the ground. Or be creative - what else have you got? We're open to ideas.
4. Individual pieces may be accepted, but we will prioritize installations with multiple pieces of art.
5. Installations will be up for approximately 30 days, with an opening reception held during the first week.
6. Please note: The alley is locked from 2AM til 4PM the next day. Artwork is semi-supervised during business hours, sort of, but kind of not really. Felicia is not responsible for acts of god or idiots included but not limited to weather damage, theft, breakage, and graffiti.

We would love to get the first art show up before the end of June. Send your web portfolio (preferred) to or drop a cd at the lounge.
A special thanks to Lee, the roller derby Ithaca SufferJets' number one fan, for helping us move 3.5 tons of stone into the alley! How's your back today, Lee? Thank you for shaing our pain.

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Drinkapotamus said...

you forgot to put in the gun turret