Monday, October 13, 2008

Mixology Monday: Guilty Pleasures

What do you get when forty or so expert mixologists get together online to blog about cocktails? Usually some truly amazing, over-the-top drink recipes. Today, not so. October's Mixology Monday, hosted by Stevi at Two at the Most, has brought out the shameful secrets of what some of the world's top mixologists drink in the closet. The theme? Guilty Pleasures. In other words, what do you love to drink that you don't admit that you love to drink? What is your "comfort drink?" Your Kraft macaroni and cheese of cocktails? Your tuna noodle casserole of martinis? Your tater tots of spiked beverages? Your grilled American cheese with Campbells tomato soup of drinks? You get the picture.

Some familiar themes have been popping up today on blogs all over the web: the fuzzy navels of our younger years, pina coladas, anything mixed with Coca Cola, anything blended with ice cream. Personally, I left all of my drinking guilt behind when I turned 21. My guilty feelings are currently reserved for making my girlfriend cry, or running over a squirrel. I do, however, enjoy some beverages that would fall into the "I don't get no respect" category.

Like vodka, for example. I love vodka. Dirty vodka martinis or orange vodka and tonic, love 'em both. You might think drinking vodka is nothing to be embarrassed about, but you would be surprised to see just how many fancy-schmancy mixologists turn up their noses in vodka's presence.

My most cozy flannel shirt of the alcohol world, however is Pabst Blue Ribbon and a shot of Jack Daniels. Let's face it. It is not always safe to order a martini or even a mixed drink at an unknown bar. How often do you pick up a cocktail menu and see ingredients like Smirnoff Cherry or Sour Apple Pucker? When in doubt, I order some Mr. Daniels and a PBR (I prefer it in a bottle but it is more hip to be seen with a can). I actually really like them both a lot, and they are easy on the wallet. And if I want to keep my cocktail artist facade, PBR looks great in a martini glass.


Anonymous said...


I drank a lot of this in college.... always tasted like loose change to me—quarters, to be exact.

Dr. Bamboo said...

In college I drank far more Jack Daniels than I care to admit. My beer of choice varied tended to be whatever I could get my buddies to chip in on!

Woodrow said...

I have always been unashamed of my love for vodka, even though a peer at another fine establishment in town refers to vodka as the 'tofu of the liquor world'