Monday, March 17, 2008

Mixology Mondays: Limit One, Please

This month's Mixology Monday is hosted by Rick at Kaiser Penguin. The theme is alcoholic beverages with so much alcohol that patrons are limited to one at some establishments. For the record, Felicia is a lush AND a lightweight. She stays far, far away from super-large drinks so she can stay far, far away from the porcelain god. Felicia does, however, like her drinks super-strong, with no mixers. One of Felicia's favorite no-mixer bevvys is the caipirinha. This Brazilian cocktail is potent yet refreshing, thanks to all the limes. One makes Felicia tipsy, two makes her drunk and three, well, Felicia doesn't remember what three does, but she's sure it's great.


2 ounces cachaca
1 tsp sugar
1 lime cut into wedges

Muddle lime wedges and sugar in a double rocks glass. Fill glass with ice. Add cachaca. Drink. Get loopy.


Anonymous said...

I'd call this a Limit Two, maybe, but otherwise a tasty entry! It's a cocktail I never remember until almost after I've mixed it, at which point I sip it and think, "Ahhh, that's right!"

What are/is your favorite cachaca/s? I've only tried Leblon so far, which works quite well, but which I get the nagging feeling may be the over-marketed, trendy cachaca of choice, which is against my MO.

Who is Felicia? said...

Felicia tends to swear by high shelf booze, but when it comes to cachaca, she usually drinks Pitu. Pitu is one of the least expensive cachacas on the market (and one of the most popular, at least in these here parts). Felicia would love to hear others' cachaca recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Caipirinhas are definitely delicious and living on the beach in SD I drink them often I have tried several brands and agree leblon works nicely. They do seem to have a mass marketing approach but I think it lies on the fact that they have been successful due to the quality. One other brand that I like is mao de ouro (not sure if I spelled that right) both brands allow you to take it over the 2 cocktail limit without a hangover unlike some of the other widely avail cachacas like pitu and 51

Anonymous said...

Felicia should try next time a caipirinha made with Cacha├ža Ypioca Prata (the leading premium brand in it´s country of origin). Ageing it 2 years in wooden Freijo casks makes wonders and mabe she could have even 3.......?
Check it out: