Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Skinny Monday

skinny [skin-ee] noun. 1: accurate information; facts; 2: news, esp. if confidential; gossip: (Get the skinny on Felicia's Skinny Monday party on February 4th).

What is Skinny Monday? Technically, it is Fat Monday, the day before Fat Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras, but, well, Felicia is a rebel. Though normally closed on Mondays, Felicia’s will be open on MONDAY FEBRUARY 4th from 5pm-8pm ONLY, with entertainment by local Cajun band the BAYOU ROAD KREWE (Steve Selin, Jason Zorn, Joe Damiano, Susie Mills, and the hottest triangle player in town: Ellyn Sellers-Selin). Enjoy drink specials such as the cajun bloody mary, planters punch and Felicia’s sazerac. All the Felicia staff will be in drag! If you saw Guy last year dressed as Anna Nicole Smith (god rest her soul), you will definitely want to come back this year to see if he can outdo himself. Patrons are encouraged to dress in drag, too, if they feel so inspired. At 8pm, the doors lock and we parade to Maxies to eat and keep on partying. Look: it’s a Monday night. You know you don’t have any other plans after work (unless you are planning to attend the Lundi Gras Geek Dinner in Hattisburg, Mississippi which Felicia doubts). So get the skinny at Felicia’s! No cover.

p.s. Your favorite furry lounge mascot (no, it’s Eesah, not Patrick) is blogging and posting bulletin surveys again. www.myspace.com/eesahdog

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